Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ear Tubes

So... here I sit at the computer not knowing what to type... It has been kindof busy lately and I haven't been able to update our blog.

For the past 6 weeks, Jacob has had double ear infections literally one right after the other! I was taken him to the doctor every week and a half to two weeks! Finally, after giving him 3 shots one week, and 3 more the next, each day. We had to go back and forth ALOT!

Then on his birthday, he had to have a physical, and had more shots! So, it was crazy, and I wanted to cry along with him.

On August 3rd, We had to go to the ENT doctor, and he said that since Jacob had too many infections within a 6 week period, he was a good candid to get tubes put in his ears. Jacob was such a good baby for having so many ear infections, but I do have to say that all of us had several restless nights!

Today, August 20th, at 7:15 a.m. Ryan took a couple of hours off of work to support jacob and we went to the American Fork Hospital. This kid was so easy going and amazing! We went and checked in, sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes. We then went in to another room, and we saw 4 different docs. and nurses to do paper work. We dressed Jake into a cute little hospital gown and they had bootie socks for him. He was so cute. I wanted to take my camera, but ryan said" I don't want to remember this! " So... no pictures.. sorry.

One of the RN's took him and wrapped him in his blanket, and we waited for him for 10-15 minutes total, and he was in my arms. I expected for him to cry really hard, but he just sat in my arms and i gave him a bottle of milk, and he chugged it down! Finally, We were given instructions on ear drops, etc. and left. He was so good. Ryan and I couldn't believe it!

An update on Hunter.... He is completely potty trained as of almost 4 weeks ago!! He has only had 2 wet accidents in his bed so far! He is doing really well.

He starts Pre-K on the 31st and gets to go 4 days a week! I am so excited for him... i think that him going that much will help him more with his speech!! He gets better every day.. He is so funny, and make us all smile and laugh... with his animated expressions and the way he dances... His mouth goes 90 miles an hour most days...and we can understand what he is saying maybe 30% of the time!:)

We love both of our boys and wouldn't know what to do or think if he didn't have them in our lives!