Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, Feb. 23rd

So, last wednesday, Hunter went to school and when he came back i read his note book and it said" hunter participated so well in circle time that he did the actions and sang the ABC song! It was awsome!" I love reading the teachers' notes. We pass it back and forth for communication on how hunter is doing! I am so proud of Hunter! He loves school and is doing so well. He is such a good boy, and I wouldn't know what to do without him!
On Thursday, he was sneezing and coughing. and that night he was having low-grade fevers. So, we kept giving him tylenol and motrin to brake the fever. It would break, but about an hour later, it would bounce back to 99.9... the next day it got worse. He was coughing even harder and ryan and I thought that he was just getting a cold. Well.. it wasn't getting better no matter what meds we were giving him, and so we did our best. Then on Monday, I called the doctor and took hunter in at 10:45 a.m. and I love our doctor! He is sooo good. He checked his ears and lungs and looked at hunter and said " hunter has sinus infection". I thought" great! That's just what I need is a 3 year old to have a sinus infection." So, he is on 2 perscriptions. One is a cough medicine that makes him drowsy and the other one is to help the sinus infection.
Now, it tuesday and he is starting to get better. He just coughs his head off and then sometimes gets upset cause it hurts.
I'm so glad that I have him as my son! He is such a good helper no matter how he feels. He is soo good with Jake, and Jacob loves him alot!
That's all for right now. I will have to take more pictures of the boys. I am hoping to get professional pictures taken soon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

First time in Highchair

So....I decided that I was tired of putting Jacob in the corner of the couch or on his bouncer to feed him. So, i got the highchair out of the storage unit. I wiped it down really well, and then put him in it. It made him look so much older but is so cute! He loves it! I put him in it all of the time now. When he doesn't want to play on the floor and just wants to be held, I just put him in the high chair with some toys. P.S. the pictures go from bottom to top.

I took a couple of pictures of him in it and then some of him after he ate. He's such a mess. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

continued pictures

I decided to get more pictures of the boys together. Aren't they so cute!?
The picture of just hunter, I said" say cheese hunter" and this is what I got. :)


here are some recent pictures that I took of jake. I also took pictures of Hunter and his dad. They were playing on the couch and hunter was climbing all over ryan. It was funny. (they are on the next set of pictures. )