Sunday, April 25, 2010

APRIL updates

eating at the Park in American Fork!

having a bad day...

it's been too long... again since I update our blog. I wish that I was better at it, but i'm not. April is here and almost gone.. Not alot has happened this month.

The boys are growing up like weeds! Jacob is learning new things from Hunter everyday! It can be good and bad things...

Jake has been cutting and is getting his 2 year molars. There's been several, miserable nights that he just cries. I feel bad for him cause all I can give him is tylenol and rock him.

He gets into EVERYTHING! We call him our "monkey" cause he is climbing on tables, couches and anything that he can get his hands on! I love this kid! I'm so greatful that Heavenly Father sent him down to us! We are truly lucky and blessed that he is with us today! We had a scare when he was born, but he is healthy now!

Hunter is doing well in school! He's in the 2.7-3 year stage in his comprehension/speech.. I go to parent/teacher conferences every 6 weeks or so and his teacher says that he is doing well each time that i meet with her! He LOVES to ride the bus, and sometimes he doesn't want to get off when he comes home.

In a nut shell, i'm just greatful that I have "3" boys that are wonderful! Especially a husband that works so hard, generous, loves me no matter what mistakes I make and loves his children very much!

News for Ryan and I...... well... we are just anxiously waiting to see if he got a job at Omniture! We should know on Wednesday if he got it or not!

Me....... still working at the Provo Temple! I LOVE it! It gives me that oppurtunity to get away and be with adults and just being able think deep into thought and thank my Heavenly Father for giving me the wonderful experience to work there!

That is all for right now. Here are some pictures of the boys.

Good night for now!