Monday, February 21, 2011

month of February

This month has been a little overwhelming with taking kids to the doctor once and every other week, twice!
(last week)Monday: I took him to the doc. and they gave him a steriod. By Wednesday, he was coughing with a runny nose, & the croupe cough was clear.
the following sunday: Jacob had a double ear infection with the right ear being worse. He was on ogmenten for 10 days, and he was getting better so we went back in after the 10th day, and he had another double ear infection! This time, it was the left ear was worse.
After going back and forth to Pleasant Grove with in 2 1/2 weeks, I was tired of doc's~!!
Now, Jacob has had a cough and runny nose since Friday!

On top of that, I decided that Jacob was pretty close to being potty trained, and I was so anxious to put him in underwear and eventionally not worry about buying diapers anymore. I knew that it wouldn't be a full success over night. So, I started around 9:30 Sunday morning. He was having accident after accident every hour and even earlier. I was getting really discouraged and frustrated with cleaning up pee. But, the good thing was that Jacob would come up to me after having the accident and tell me where he peed.
Today is Monday, and he is doing really well with going to the potty. I changed 4-5 pairs of underwear the whole day. I will keep going for the rest of the week. Hopefully, he will be fully potty trained by the first of March!!
Wish me luck!! :)
Oh! One last thing that happened this month. Hunter lost his two bottom teeth!! I can't believe that he is growing up so fast and maturing. I wouldn't know what to do without him in our live!
We love you hunter!
Well... it's 8:30 and i am heading off to work now, so I will post more soon!
have a good night!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


okay... it's been way too long since I updated this blog! Honestly, i'm not very creative and i'm sooo behind that as of right now, i don't think that I can remember everything... so i will do my best as just start out as of 2 weeks ago...
Friday, 22nd of October, Hunter has his ear tubes removed. We had to be at the Surgical Clinic at 6:45 that morning. Ryan's mom took care of Jacob for us while we were there with Hunter.
We had to change hunter's clothes into a gown and slippers. he was so cute but didn't know what to think about the slippers. :)
About 20 minutes later, the doctor came and talked to us, and said that it would be a quick surgery. Because the eartubes didn't fall out on their own, they had to go in and put a patch over the hole. Hunter was sitting on my lap, and then the nurse said" okay, let's go hunter", and he wouldn't let go of me and started to have heavy melt down! Finally, the nurse took him away and he was reaching out to me crying and saying "mommy, mommy"! It broke my heart that he had to go through surgery again, but I knew that it would be better in the long run..
Ryan and I waited about 20 minutes and the nurse called us in to the recovery room, and he was sound asleep. The nurse keeped saying that he would wake up being really wrestless and be really mad, but when he woke up, he proved us all wrong. He woke up slowly, and I took him and cuddled with him, and it took him 10 minutes to come out of it. I was so proud of him. Now, he is doing really well. He hears even better than he did when he had his tubes in.

Tuesday: We took him to check his hearing again cause he failed it the first time, but he pasted his hearing test at the school lab that day.

Wednesday: he had his follow up with the ENT doctor, and the patches looked good! They are going to test his hearing and look at his ears again in February. The doctor told us that Hunter had lost 20% of his hearing, and him being behind on his speech was the main reason why he was not talking much. he also said within 6 months, he should be caught up! I am just hoping that he doesn't get any more ear infections!

Thursday: not much happened.

Friday: same.

Saturday: Halloween- My mother in laws' ward had their Trunk or Treat at 4 p.m. and was raining and then 20 minutes later the rain stopped and the sun came out. I took jacob around alone cause Hunter was really overwhelmed with so many people that he just sat in the car with his grandma. After 30 minutes of walking around and getting candy, we decided to go to my brother in laws house and go trick or treat around their neighborhood. Well, when we got there and settled, it poured and hailed!!! It was crazy~

So then we just went to ryan's grandmas' house and she gave the kids treats and then we went home and put the kids to bed.

Just 2 days ago: (tuesday) I had the oppurtunity to meet with Hunter's teacher, physical and occuapational theropists and speech theropist and they all report that Hunter is doing really well and that he has improved a TON!!!

that's it for now. I wish that I could take naps, but Jacob fights it most of the time and doesn't take naps, therefore, I can't take naps.
Well.. i hope that I made sence! I will post some pictures soon.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

APRIL updates

eating at the Park in American Fork!

having a bad day...

it's been too long... again since I update our blog. I wish that I was better at it, but i'm not. April is here and almost gone.. Not alot has happened this month.

The boys are growing up like weeds! Jacob is learning new things from Hunter everyday! It can be good and bad things...

Jake has been cutting and is getting his 2 year molars. There's been several, miserable nights that he just cries. I feel bad for him cause all I can give him is tylenol and rock him.

He gets into EVERYTHING! We call him our "monkey" cause he is climbing on tables, couches and anything that he can get his hands on! I love this kid! I'm so greatful that Heavenly Father sent him down to us! We are truly lucky and blessed that he is with us today! We had a scare when he was born, but he is healthy now!

Hunter is doing well in school! He's in the 2.7-3 year stage in his comprehension/speech.. I go to parent/teacher conferences every 6 weeks or so and his teacher says that he is doing well each time that i meet with her! He LOVES to ride the bus, and sometimes he doesn't want to get off when he comes home.

In a nut shell, i'm just greatful that I have "3" boys that are wonderful! Especially a husband that works so hard, generous, loves me no matter what mistakes I make and loves his children very much!

News for Ryan and I...... well... we are just anxiously waiting to see if he got a job at Omniture! We should know on Wednesday if he got it or not!

Me....... still working at the Provo Temple! I LOVE it! It gives me that oppurtunity to get away and be with adults and just being able think deep into thought and thank my Heavenly Father for giving me the wonderful experience to work there!

That is all for right now. Here are some pictures of the boys.

Good night for now!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Can you beleive that this month is almost over with already! I've been the biggest slacker on updating this blog. This month, the boys and I have been passing around sicknesses.. Hunter is always the first one to get sick cause he brings home the germs from school! So we've been to doctors after doctors! Jake has had sinus infections along with diarreha and colds... one on top of the other! I think that I took him in to the doc at least 4 times within the last 3 weeks!

On the 14th, we went to mom's to celebrate my niece, Shaylee and my mom's birthday, and then Aunt Linda and Uncle Dennis had their farewell on Sunday... well.. that early morning, I was chilled, achey and my head was pounding really hard just as if someone had a hammer hitting me in the head! By 8:00 a.m. everyone was getting ready for church, and ryan, the boys and I packed up and went home. I didn't want to get anyone sick!
I was really sad that I didn't get to see everyone, but hopefully, there will be a next time soon!
ummm... what else has been going on?

Our 6th Anniversary is tomorrow (20th)!! I have the best husband! He is such a kind, funny, hard working, understanding man! He loves me no matter what I do wrong or right. I know that he loves his kids unconditionally! We're going to the outback for dinner and then a movie on saturday! I love you, Ryan!
He had an interview with Omniture on Wednesday with 5 different people! They took him on a tour of the building, just as if he was hired. He was in the interview for an hour and a half! I really hope that he gets this job! hopefully, they will be calling for a second interview on monday!
Well... other than the boys and I being sick, everything is good!
Jacob is so funny and cute! He loves to wrestle with daddy and Hunter. He does what ever his big brother does. he talks like crazy, too!
Hunter is doing ALOT better in his speech! They are both just growing up like weeds!!!
I will upload some pictures soon!
love you all! Have a good day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


jacob eating cup cake...
Since we don't have family pictures yet, i thought that we needed to take a couple.

18 months...

Since 18 months is a big deal, I thought that I would jot some things about Jacob:

Height: 31 3/4
weight: 21.15

*He is a very busy boy!

*He is so curious about everything!

*He loves to play with his brother, Hunter

*He says: dog, kitty, thank you, mamma, dadda, papa, cookie, cracker and more...

*and still working on talking

*He loves to be tickled and be the center of attention!

* He is a great sleeper! (now that we have both boys in the same room)
We are so greatful and lucky to have such a wonderful little boys!P.S. there is a picture of hunter above of how big he is getting!

He loves cuddle with mommy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January's news...

I would have to say that I am the WORSED at keeping this blog up-to-date! I can't beleive that January flew by so quickly! I have always thought that I was the worsed at keep this blog up dated....

January's news...
Ryan got demoted from his job. He was one of the team leads, and they asked him to step down, so he was on the phones for 2-3 weeks,and then the next week, they put him on probation for a month! On top of all of that, he took a 3 dollar an hour paycut. At the same time, we have been so blessed that he still has a job! I've been so humbled to know that the Lord has blessed us in so many way! Even though it's hard at times.
Just last week, he spoke with the Vise Pres. of the company and Ryan requested a workforce position that was coming available that he knew about cause the guy was leaving, so the vice pres. thought that it was a good idea for ryan to take the position, Ryan had to apply for it. It took about a week to find out if he got it. Yesterday, he was trained for the last couple of hours of his shift.

Today, February 4th, 2010, he started to train for the job. I am so proud of him! He is such a wonderful husband, friend, and father! I am so greatful that I have him as my husband! He is a dedicated and hard worker! I love you, Ryan!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I know that it's been along time...

okay... can I just tell you that it's been so crazy lately?? I haven't been able to sit down and update my blog.
Life is good... The boys are growing like weeds!! Hunter is 4, and is loving school! It seems that he's been sick alot this year. He has had several colds and now the croupe. We took him to the after hours clinic on sunday, cause his cough was so bad that he couldn't breath very well. Ryan had to go and buy a humidifier at walmart at midnight, cause the motor got ruined by water.
More about hunter.... He is such a good kid!! He's really mellow and shy. Any strangers that comes around, he'll either cry and hide, or growl with a mean look!! Then... maybe he will warm up to you. It's kindof funny in a way.. but i'm hoping that he grows out of that one.
He weighs 48 pounds, and is 45 inches tall! He's basically the size of a 1st grader!! He is such a cute boy, though.

*loves to play with his brother.
*He loves to watch seasame street(especially elmo)
*He loves his grandparents
*He loves cats and dogs.

He is a sweetheart... they both are. Jacob is 17 months (will be on the 27th)
He wieghs 22 pounds and is 32 1/2 inches long! He smiles alot! He has 4 teeth on top, 3 on the bottom and 2 molers! He has had a rough time teething. It's either swollen, red gums and cheeks, or diarrahea! He's our little trooper!
When he was born, he was 5 weeks early, and had pnemonia. He was in the hospital with a venilator for a week! It was really hard to sink it in that we wouldn't be able to bring him home for a while.
We love him dearly, and are so glad that both of our boys are in our lifes!!
*He feeds himself.
*He loves to cuddle when he is tired.
*He is such a mischieveous kid! Wants to explore everything!
*He loves to climb on everything too!
*he takes 1-2 hour naps once, and maybe twice a day.
* He says : eat,cracker,cookie,mamma,dadda etc.

What else has been going on? ... We had a christmas party with ryan's extended family that they have yearly. It was good. I think that the boys had a good time. Hunter wasn't to pleased to sit on santa clause's lap, and jacob just gave him dirty looks and stared at him for a long time! It was so funny.
Other than that, not much has been going on. Just getting ready for christmas! It was been a busy month, but a good one!
I want to thank my Heavenly Father for all of the blessings he has given us! We have been so blessed in so many ways! I'm so greatful for my family!I love you all! Thanks for the support that you give to us! Yes, Even the ones that live in Vernal!! I miss you guys!
Here are some pictures of the boys.