Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on our family

Well... we had the special oppurtunity to bless Jacob on saturday! Ryan did a really good job. It was short and sweet. Jacob looked sooo cute in his tux. It was actually what jordon wore when he was blessed. I forgot our camera to take pictures, so i was bumbed.
He was such a good boy and slept through the blessing. afterwards, we went to Golden Corral for lunch. The food wasn't all that great. It was busy and I forgot to call in advance and make reservations. I will be more organized next time. :)

I wanted to thank every one that came to the blessing! There was a big turn out, and we were so excited to see everyone!! I am so grateful for family and the friends that we have! We are so blessed! thank you for supporting us and Jacob!
I'm grateful for the priesthood that we have in our home. I'm also grateful for ryan. He is an amazing man, and I love him dearly! It will be 6 years that we have known each other on Halloween night, and 5 years that we have been married next march! We of course have had our ups and downs, but i wouldn't trade him for the world! I love you, Ryan!

We went to Jacob's 2 month check up today! He is 9 lbs 11 oz! Yep, he is a big boy, and he is 21 3/4 in. long!! He is growing just too fast. Why can't they just be small for a while??!
We love him anyway!!
Well, that's all to post for now. I am going to put jake's outfit back on and take pictures and then post them soon.

more update

Jacob is 2 months old now. I can't beleive how fast he has grown and how much he changes each week! He weighs 9 lbs 11 oz. and is almost 22 inches long! I guess I have chubby kids no matter if they are preemie or full term babies! :) Oh, well.. he is cute anyway..

Hunter just started his transition play group 3 weeks ago. He is doing very well and loves to play with the kids. I drop him off and pick him up after an hour and a half. (9:30-11a.m.) and goes on tuesdays.
I thought that I would be hard for me, with him being gone,but it actually is nice cause I can go do what I want with just the baby.
I have backed off on the potty training cause I don't feel or think that he is ready. so, we will start again when he turns 3 in November.

Ryan is staying busy with work and watches the boys when i go to work at night. He's getting the taste of being "Mr. Mom"! it's good for him. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


i know that these pitures are kindof the same pose and picutres, but this is all i have for now. these were taken at 6 weeks! can you beleive how big he is getting!?
what an angel...

I had to give bad news. I went to pick the pictures up and because they were kindof expensive, I had to get the package that didn't come with the c.d. so I can't download them on the computer. so sorry!

I do have up dated pictures that aren't professional that I am going to show you.

We are going to bless jacob in 2 weeks. I'm pretty excited to see my family again.

Well... it's 9:30 p.m. and I hear Jacob fussing so I better go and take care of are the pictures.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Saturday was such a long day. I had made an appointment to get the kids pictures done at kiddiekandids at 11:30 a.m. I had to be there at 11:15 to sign in. Well I got there at 11 and they said that one of their cameras were not working and there were a couple of families ahead of me.
I am so glad that my in-laws were there to help me out! So, thank you so much!
Well.. while we were waiting, hunter would run up and down the isle and run into people. I was trying to catch him, while at the same time waking jacob up so that I could feed him. Jacob finally woke up so I changed his diaper cause he was alittle messy. In the meantime of changing him, he decided to have squirt all over my shirt and pee at the same time! I was wearing a pink shirt. I only had a couple of spots, but still I was not ready for a dirty shirt!
It was finally our turn and we did 6 poses. 2 of hunter, 2 of jacob, 1 of me holding jacob with just his diaper on. I wanted one with him naked and me holding him, but didn't get the chance to do it, and then 1 of Hunter holding Jacob. Well... when it got to the point of Hunter holding Jacob, it was not a good moment. Hunter was stressing out and Jacob was fussy. So, if you can imagine 2 boys crying at the same time! That, was interesting. Since hunter wouldn't hold Jacob, one of the girls held jake so that it looked like Hunter was holding jake.
While changing jacob into a different outfit, he peed all over me.
All of these pictures turned out really cute. Now, it's just deciding what poses and sizes to get is hard for me.
After the pictures were done, it was my turn to choose what I wanted. My in-laws entertained hunter by going to the "Build a bear"store. They would go back and forth to the benches in the isle of the mall. I guess hunter bent over and stood there while peeing on the floor. All I had was a new pair of shorts for him. His shirt, shorts, socks were soaking wet! So, my mother in law had to go to the disney store and buy a new shirt for hunter. At this time, it was 2:30 almost! We had been there for 3 1/2 hours! I was so tired that I couldn't think of what I wanted and we hadn't had lunch. So, I gave up and told the girl that was helping me, that I would come back with my husband.
Ryan got home at 6:15p.m. and I told him that we needed to go back and get the pictures, and he didn't want to. So, we still don't have the pictures but I will get them this week.
In a nutshell, It was a very long day.
I will post them when I get them.