Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jacob at 4 months!

Ok.... so I haven't updated my blog lately, and thanksgiving flew by and now it's already december!! yeah, time does fly! I have to say that I am thankful for alot of things. First off, I'm thankful for my husband and kids. I love them so much! I honestly wouldn't know what to do without them, especially my husband. He puts up with me alot and is really patient with me. Second of all, My Heavenly Father. We have been so blessed lately. Ryan got a 1.50 raise for his job, and we have been able to start buying christmas for the boys~ we have just been blessed all the way around.

Thanksgiving night, we left hunter with my in-laws and took jacob with us on Friday morning and did the "black friday"~ never again~ that was tiring-even though we got up at 6:30 a.m. and left the house by 7:30. Try packing a 12.5 pounder around~ that'll give you some exersice!

Well.... as I said earlier, yes Jacob is getting big! He is still collicy! His sleeping habits during the day are horrible! He is awake an hour and then sleeps an hour and has that pattern throughout the day. Then he is fussy alot. When I feed him, he will latch on just fine and then 3-5 minutes he pulls away and fusses and then will eat some more. oh, it's fun!!
We are giving him previcid once a day. At night when I leave for work, Jacob gives ryan the fits and cries for 1-2 hours straight!
The good news is that he is a fun baby and smiles and laughs alot. We are truly blessed! i just wish that he didn't have collic!
He goes in to the doc. for his 4 month check up and we will be getting another weight and height on him. i will up date with hopefully a picture or two soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doctor appointments

On Tuesday, Hunter had his 3 year old well-check up. The only shot that he had to have was the flu shot. He did pretty good considering that he would fight with me to strap him down! They gave him a sucker right after and he calmed down.
We had Jacob checked too, cause he has been sneezing and coughing. We had him weighed and measured, and right now, he weighs 12 lbs 5 oz and is 23 3/4 in. long!!! Hunter was 42 lbs and 39 1/4 in. long! :) They are both getting tall!

Today was hunter's first day of school! (pre-K!) He was the first one there and he immediately sat down and started to play while we were waiting for the bus to come. The kids finally came, and everyone sat in a half circle. Hunter's shoe fell off and the boy next to him was trying to help him. The kids were so cute and helpful! When i left, he was that I was leaving and was crying. I was sad for him, but i know that he will be okay and that school will be soooo good for him. As I sit here with jacob at home alone, it's so quite without him. It makes me realize that I am blessed and that I wouldn't know what to do with out him!! I love you hunter!

Well... that's all for right now. I got a picture of him this morning before going to his first day of school so i will post it soon!

more pictures

Hunter's favorite part was when he saw the finding nemo scene!! But loved it overall!!

Disney on Ice

Here are some pictures that ryan and i took at the disney on ice for hunter's birthday! It was really fun! He was into it and clapped after all of the scenes! it was so cute!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sucking the Thumb!!

Well... Jacob has officially found his thumb! We have to pull it out and give the binki to him instead. He of course spits it out and in goes the fist! Yeah, every one says that it's cute but hopefully, he doesn't think that he can suck his thumb! I really don't want to pay for braces in the future! :)

Anyway... Jacob will be 4 months on the 27th! He is growing like a weed! He is so much fun and have been a blessing in my personal life! He is laughing and smiling and is a happy baby.... most of the time!
I guess i have him kindof spoiled cause i hold him til he falls asleep and then I lay him down. It never fails that 5 minutes later he is fussing! Oh, well I love him alot, what can i say??
When he goes down for bed at night, he is pretty good to stay asleep.

So, This is going to sound like i'm comparing babies, but I was watching Jhett's video of him rolling! I can't beleive how fast he is moving! Jacob on the other hand, I put him on his tummy all of the time, and he's not rolling yet. He did come 5 weeks early and hopefully, he will catch up and roll soon! :)
Well that's all i have to say for right now. I better go and pay attention to my kids!
I will post pictures later.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hunter's 3rd Birthday!

So.... Hunter just turned 3 today!! I can't believe it! Where did the last 3 years go!?? He has grown so fast! I am so lucky and greatful to have him in my life and in our family! He is such a joy to be with! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my boys~ I am truly blessed!

This morning, we met with 5 different women that will be working with hunter. I was really impressed with them all! There was an occupational therapist, speech therapist, a p.e. teacher and a couple of other therapists.
Anyway... he starts pre-K (Special ED) next wednesday, and will go wed. friday's! I am so excited that he is getting the extra help that he needs to succeed!
He also gets to ride a bus!! It will come to our house, and he will be gone for 2 1/2 hours and then come home. It will be a big adjustement (for me) and transition but this will be really good for him to open up! I am just really excited all the way around! :) I guess I have to say that it's just crazy to think that i had him 3 years ago!!

Ryan and I decided to take hunter to Disney on Ice for his birthday! So, my mom bought hunter's ticket for his birthday! Thank you mom for the gift and for all that you do!!
I know that he will have a good time! We will take alot of pictures and post them later.

To give you an update on Jacob. He will be 4 months old on the 27th!! He is smiling ALOT and giggles! It's so cute! He is doing alot better with his stomach aches. He is on prevacid cause he is collic. He actually goes 8-9 hours without eating in the night and eats every 2-2 1/2 hours during the day! I haven't weighed him for a while and am anxious to know what his weight is now. The last time that he was weighed, he was 11 lbs, 11 oz! I'm sure that he is well over 12 pounds now!

Monday, November 3, 2008

more pictures

crazy hair doo!!

me holding jacob.

halloween pictues

here are some updated pictures at 3 months!

What a cutie!!

grandpa montague, hunter and jacob.

We were trying to get jake to smile.

Here are some pictures of jake and hunter on halloween.
We were at both sets of the grandprents house. if you can't tell hunter was a knight and jacob was a bumble bee.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So, I guess I have to say that I am just one big party pooper when it comes to halloween! I didn't get the chance to look for a costume for myself, and before I knew it, it was too late. I will spend the money and time for my kids but I'm just not into it I guess.
I bought a knight outfit for Hunter and a bumble bee outfit for Jacob. They were really cute.
Ryan and I had the day off and we just took it easy all day. We fought with hunter to take a nap and he ended up taking an hour nap and was still cranky!
We got invited to my in-laws ward trunk or treat. It was fun for hunter to go around and get candy for a short time. After that, we went to ryan's grandma's house and she always makes cute party sacks full of treats. It always comes with rice crispy treats, and small stuffed animal, a gift card to mc donald's and fruit snacks. We weren't there very long, and went back to my in-laws house for dinner. We just had sandwiches and chips. After dinner, jacob was having a hard time with his stomach again,so we went home to bed.

Collicy baby @ 3 months old!

Getting caught up with this blog is really hard cause I have so much to say and don't know where to start. This week has been fairly busy. Wednesday I had to take Jacob to the doc. again after taking him to the doc. the previous week cause.... Tuesday night, when i got to work and was there only 45 minutes, I called ryan to see how the boys were and Jacob was screaming bloody murder with pain. Ryan said" honey you need to come home, I don't know what to do!" SO, in an emergency, I told my supervisor that I needed to go home cause jacob was really upset. I do have to say that I'm greatful that I have understanding bosses that will let me take care of my family when it is needed.
I raced to change my clothes and went home. When I got home, Ryan, Hunter and the baby were on the floor. Hunter trying to pat jacob in the stomach, ryan talking to the baby as the baby is screaming! I dropped everything and immediately knew that he was constipated! So I grabbed a glestrin suppository and not even five minutes later, he had a messy diaper. He calmed down after the procedure and about 10 minutes later he was screaming again.
Well.. the next day, my mother instinct kicked in and I called the doc. and told the nurse what was going on, a few minutes later, she called back saying that the doc. wanted to see jacob again, and maybe run some tests on him and talk about some different options of what I could do.
Our appointment was at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, and come to find out, he is collicy! The doc. told me that it wouldn't last forever that he would grow out of it within 3-6 months! He sent us to the Radiology department to do an emena and x-ray for friday.
The doc. gave us some really expensive formula. he said that it was 30 bucks a can! He gave us 3 -8oz cans to try for a couple of days to see if he notice anything different. It actually is working!The bad thing is that it stinks to hight heaven and his stool is going to be smelly!
the good thing is that he likes to nurse! So, I still am nursing him, and ryan gives him a bottle of formula at night.
Ever since Wednesday, he has been doing a little better each day.