Thursday, October 15, 2009

End of October News

Okay, so i am really bad at blogging and keeping it up-to-date. So much has been going on, that i hope that I don't forget anything, so here it goes..

So, as soon as the cold weather hit, we all got sick with colds and the stomach flu. Then... Hunter got sick from school a days later, and a week later, Jacob got the same thing. I, all of a sudden had stomach problems and had to go to the doc. for that. Anyway.. we have all battled with the flu and colds. Hopefully, it's over for awhile!
On Friday afternoon and part of saturday, I noticed Jaocb having a tary, black stool. By the time sunday came, I started to get alittle concerned and puzzled cause he didn't have a fever, runny nose, or any syptoms that he was sick, he just had the black stool. Well.. 8 p.m. I put him to bed and he was a little hard to get to sleep cause he was fighting it, and fell asleep for about 20 minutes and then woke up screaming with pain! Ryan ran upstairs to grab him, and he hollared at me saying" take him to E.R. right now! there's something wrong!" So, I was rushing everywhere to get ready and jake ready and warm, and immediately called my mother-in-law cause Hunter was tired and Ryan was ready to go anywhere, so I went and got her.
We got at the UVMC at 9p.m. and there were so many people sick with face masks on, and hardly a seat to sit down.
We sat outside for an hour and a half before we could see a nurse. They finally put us in a room, and we waited and it seemed like it took forever for a doc to see jake. They took jacob and I back into the X-Ray room and got his chest x-rayed. Two people had to hold him still so that they could take pictures! They had to hold his arms up by his ears and he just screamed the whole time! Once that was done, the doc. came back and said that everything was normal. His stool wasn't bloody, thank goodness, but they couldn't figure out what was really wrong other than maybe that he was getting or had a virus.
To make a long story kindof short, we were at the hospital for almost 4 hours! That... was a long night!
okay... it's kindof late, and I have to go to bed. I will get caught up soon!