Thursday, February 4, 2010


jacob eating cup cake...
Since we don't have family pictures yet, i thought that we needed to take a couple.

18 months...

Since 18 months is a big deal, I thought that I would jot some things about Jacob:

Height: 31 3/4
weight: 21.15

*He is a very busy boy!

*He is so curious about everything!

*He loves to play with his brother, Hunter

*He says: dog, kitty, thank you, mamma, dadda, papa, cookie, cracker and more...

*and still working on talking

*He loves to be tickled and be the center of attention!

* He is a great sleeper! (now that we have both boys in the same room)
We are so greatful and lucky to have such a wonderful little boys!P.S. there is a picture of hunter above of how big he is getting!

He loves cuddle with mommy!