Monday, March 30, 2009

More pictures of Jacob

Jacob's eating a ritz cracker! He loves them!

He is sqealing! He loves to make noise and hear his own voice!

Hi! I have sweet potatotes and prunes up my nose

This is what jacob looks like at the end of feeding him sweet potatoes! I never can keep him clean!

Continued pictures are above:
Ryan and I can't believe that he's getting so big so fast!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

*8 months*

Jacob was so tired that after finishing his bottle, he fell asleep! i thought that this was so sweet. We bought a 6-12 month outfit for an early Easter gift from the "Easter Bunny" cause he doesn't have and church clothes. Both boys have yellow outfits and they look so cute together!

Jacob turned 8 months on Friday! He just keeps growing like a weed. I have more and more people say that he looks like me! :O)

He is getting to be more fun everyday. He isn't completely sitting up yet. He still has a round bumb! :) We sit him on the floor and he just folds in half or falls over. He will get there soon.

He is also still teething. It's been a drag for me cause he started two months ago. He has been busy biting everything!

He is rolling everywhere! He gets alittle frustrated that he can't get things out of his reach, but he always figures it out. He's a smart boy. I'm very glad to have him in my life and in our family! He makes me smile everyday and makes me feel better when I'm having a rough day.

Here are some pictures of him. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

getting caught up!

I haven't been able to up date our blog cause life seems to busy and hectic lately, especially the last few weeks.

Almost 2 weeks ago, it was ryan and i's 5 yr anniversary!! Yooray! Our anniversary was on a friday, and we celebrated it on saturday.

We had a good time celebrating it. We went to the mall and got a couple of shirts for ryan and then we went to Red Robin for lunch, and then we went to the matinee'. The movie we saw was "The Knowing", with Nicholas Cage. It was good, and it kept you on the edge of your seat most of the movie. Very tense movie. We were so tired of an all day activity that we came home and took an hour nap! That was not intentional to take that long of a nap, cause the kids were at my inlaws all day. We had to go grocery shopping and take it home and unload it and by the time that we picked our kids up, it was 9:00p.m.!

Hunter spent the night at my in-laws for the second time in a year and a half! My mother in law always loves to have hunter over to stay with her.

I don't know what I would do with out wonderful in-laws that take such good care of us and our kids!! Thanks Mom for everything!

Well this week was kindof crazy... Not much happened on Monday and Tuesday. Hunter went to school on Wednesday and had a good day. Thursday morning, I went into the doc to see why my blood sugar has been out of control. Long story short, after tell him what symptoms I was having, I had asked him he thought that maybe it was post pardum depression. Yeah, it is. So i'm on Zoloft just til July, which it's bad. I didn't realize but the last few months I was getting bad.

Well..Thursday afternoon , Hunter didn't take a nap. ( which is decreasing fast) and I noticed that he wasn't eating much through out the day. He was really cranky went to bed early (9pm.) which doesnt happen very often either. That night at around 3 a.m. Jacob woke up hungry, so i fed him a 6 oz. bottle, and then put him to bed. Not long after that, Hunter decided to climb into our bed. When he got in on my side, he was alittle warm, but I didn't think anything of it. Who does when your half asleep??

So, he is such a wiggle worm, and all night he was back and forth to his room to ours, and then in and out of our bed. Finally, he gave up and fell asleep on our floor. I took him into his own bed shortly after he fell asleep. Then, by 7 a.m. he was up for the day. Ryan and I noticed that his ears were bright red, and so ryan felt him and said"honey, hunter is burning up"! I took his temp, and sure enough it was 101.1. Yep, he was sick. I felt so frustrated cause this was the last thing that I needed. I guess i needed more sleep.

Saturday: Hunter seems to be feeling alot better today. He hasn't fevered at all. He is still not eating much, which is normal. We stayed in the house all day. It was pretty boring, and hunter was begging to go outside. Now, Ryan is getting it! I think that's going to go around eventually, we'll see what happens!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

*7 Months*

Jacob turned 7 months on the 27th of Feb! We just took him to the doc cause he got an ear infection last week and he weighed 16lbs 2 oz and he is 26 1/2 inches long!! He is getting alot better now from being sick.

Some of the things that he loves to do are:

*he rolls everywhere!

*He smiles to anyone that is talking to him and playing with him.

*he sleeps from 8:30p.m. to 6.a.m.!

* loves to reach for anything that is in front of him!

* he is a happy, loveable, beautiful baby!

*he loves to play with hunter

*he loves to watch t.v. with the family!

We are very lucky and happy to have him in our family! We love you jacob!