Monday, December 14, 2009

I know that it's been along time...

okay... can I just tell you that it's been so crazy lately?? I haven't been able to sit down and update my blog.
Life is good... The boys are growing like weeds!! Hunter is 4, and is loving school! It seems that he's been sick alot this year. He has had several colds and now the croupe. We took him to the after hours clinic on sunday, cause his cough was so bad that he couldn't breath very well. Ryan had to go and buy a humidifier at walmart at midnight, cause the motor got ruined by water.
More about hunter.... He is such a good kid!! He's really mellow and shy. Any strangers that comes around, he'll either cry and hide, or growl with a mean look!! Then... maybe he will warm up to you. It's kindof funny in a way.. but i'm hoping that he grows out of that one.
He weighs 48 pounds, and is 45 inches tall! He's basically the size of a 1st grader!! He is such a cute boy, though.

*loves to play with his brother.
*He loves to watch seasame street(especially elmo)
*He loves his grandparents
*He loves cats and dogs.

He is a sweetheart... they both are. Jacob is 17 months (will be on the 27th)
He wieghs 22 pounds and is 32 1/2 inches long! He smiles alot! He has 4 teeth on top, 3 on the bottom and 2 molers! He has had a rough time teething. It's either swollen, red gums and cheeks, or diarrahea! He's our little trooper!
When he was born, he was 5 weeks early, and had pnemonia. He was in the hospital with a venilator for a week! It was really hard to sink it in that we wouldn't be able to bring him home for a while.
We love him dearly, and are so glad that both of our boys are in our lifes!!
*He feeds himself.
*He loves to cuddle when he is tired.
*He is such a mischieveous kid! Wants to explore everything!
*He loves to climb on everything too!
*he takes 1-2 hour naps once, and maybe twice a day.
* He says : eat,cracker,cookie,mamma,dadda etc.

What else has been going on? ... We had a christmas party with ryan's extended family that they have yearly. It was good. I think that the boys had a good time. Hunter wasn't to pleased to sit on santa clause's lap, and jacob just gave him dirty looks and stared at him for a long time! It was so funny.
Other than that, not much has been going on. Just getting ready for christmas! It was been a busy month, but a good one!
I want to thank my Heavenly Father for all of the blessings he has given us! We have been so blessed in so many ways! I'm so greatful for my family!I love you all! Thanks for the support that you give to us! Yes, Even the ones that live in Vernal!! I miss you guys!
Here are some pictures of the boys.